Information and orders

To keep in mind when placing an order


1. Quantity – As a rule from 5 to 15% more than the ordered quantity is served in order to compensate for possible production rejections.

2. Type – It is convenient to name the piston rings according to our nomenclature or, in its place, provide samples or sketches.

3. Measurements – Will be provided according to the following sketch.

D = inside diameter of the cylinder liner.
AS = axial height or side width of the ring.
R = Radial thickness of the ring.

Important! When placing an order you provide the width of the slot, we will understand that we must manufacture them by deducing from those measurements the correspondent closed gaps. If you order piston rings of “x” m/m of height by “x” of radial width, we will understand that we don’t have to deduce any closed gap since those will be the real measurements of the ring.



4. Joint – The wanted type of joint for each ring must be indicated. If it is not on our list, the client will have to provide samples or sketches.

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