The Company

Talleres Barberà S.A. currently manufactures piston rings in different materials, the production ranging from 40 to 400mm in diameter and with a great diversity of types and measurements, both for internal combustion motors (marine and industrial), and for compressors (pneumatic and refrigerators). Simultaneously, it manufactures products for auxiliary machinery, vacuum pumps, hydraulics, railway and co-generation sectors. It also has a flexible production process which allows it to manufacture small series and tailored piston rings to short delivery deadlines. The company’s wide experience in the manufacturing of this product empowers it to advise its clients on the most appropriate component for each case. The brand BARVIZ, acronym for Barberà Vizcarro, has become the guarantee of high performance and maximum durability, a result of the technology and control applied during the manufacturing process.


Our main clients

– Manufacturers of pneumatic and refrigerator compressor
– Marine Engines manufacturers
– Pressure and Vacuum pumps manufacturers
– Blowers manufacturers (sewage treatment uses)
– Industrial and marine engine parts distributors
– Railway industry
– Hydraulics industry
– Cogeneration
– Glass industry
– etc.

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